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9. Obedience

  1. In our covenant of obedience, we are primarily called to obey God. We also obey God in the mediated authority God has established on earth through the Church, and the leadership of the community. We also do well to obey the civil authorities whenever their law does not conflict with the law of God and the Church. Leadership strive to create relationships and atmospheres where open dialogue is fostered.

  2. Obedience is a direct outgrowth of humility, and humility is a direct outgrowth of the realization of the truth of the interdependence of the entire created world and the love which comes from God. Therefore, the purpose of obedience is to build healthy relationships of interdependence.

  3. In our relationships of obedience we recognize a hierarchy of priorities between the various social bodies of community that exist within the Christian faith. Our first priority is God; next is the Church Catholic, which includes every aspect of our life. After God, and with the Church universal, comes the nuclear family, which is the most primary expression of community in a person's life. Next comes the support group, which in this case is the community of the Companions of Christ, followed by any other para-church organizations. After that comes the local parish in which the individual and the community actively participate in support. Lastly comes the whole world with which the whole Church, including our community, shares the good news of Jesus Christ through work and word.

  4. Within the specific community expression of the Companions of Christ the covenant of obedience will be lived out in various ways, according to the various states of life, each expression of our community, and their particular directory.