13. Dissolution And Suppression

  1. The community ceases to exist when the low number of members renders the purpose of the community no longer viable in the judgment of the Av and the Bishop Visitor.

  2. For activities that cause serious harm to ecclesiastical doctrine or discipline or are a scandal to the faithful based on real unlawful action or conduct, competent authority may suppress the community. In the case of dissolution or suppression, the goods the community uses return to their original lawful owner. If the community has acquired ownership through legal incorporation, those goods acquired are dealt with according to the norms of civil incorporation whereby they are only distributed to one or more organizations which qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code of the Av's choosing after consulting with the General Council and Bishop Visitor.

  3. Though the community submits itself to Church discipline, competent Church authority is not liable for any civil transgressions on the part of community leadership or membership.