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2. Communal Life

  1. As the name Companions of Christ implies, we are bound together by our faith in Christ and our love for one another. As a true spiritual family in Christ, the community is guided by the leadership of an Av (Hebrew word for father. Our use is non-gender specific, meaning parent.) who acts as a spiritual parent and whose job it is to develop attitudes and relationships of interdependence, rather than codependency or independency, within the community.

  2. There shall exist a diversity of monastic traditions (e.g. Franciscan, Benedictine, Trappist, etc.). Each monastic tradition shall include the single, celibate, and family life expression.

  3. Each monastic tradition exists under a Monastic Vicar as well as their own Rule and Directory, but all monastic traditions are united by the General Rule, this Constitution, a General Directory, and one General Leadership (i.e. the Executive Council and the Av). Each monastic tradition Directory shall take into consideration the different life expressions within the community.

  4. This attitude of family relationship reaches out to all branches of the religious and monastic communities, to the entire Church, and to all of creation, human and non-human, animate and inanimate.

  5. We are always to be united with the Church Jesus founded. The Old Catholic teachings, moreover, binds us to a special reverence for the bishops of the church. According to our monastic traditions, let us show respect for each individual bishop as the successor of the apostles. Likewise, we give due respect to all priests, deacons, and fellow religious. We likewise show respect for all the various ecclesial communities, which call upon Jesus as Lord. We show respect to all the people of God as members of Christ's body, all people on earth as created in God's image, and all creation as bearing traces of God. We try to bring the unity and love of Jesus Christ to and with all.