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1. Basic Principles and Vision

  1. The Companions of Christ is an Old Catholic community of singles, celibates, and families called as a monastic and domestic spiritual family into deep love relationships with and in Jesus Christ. We include participants from all Christian denominations in a way that respects and insures the integrity of the religious beliefs and freedom of all according to the norms of the Old Catholic Church. Jesus is our primary example and our primary law is love.

  2. The primary charism of this community is love. In order for this divine love to avoid being misdirected human emotion, it is guided by divine truth, which comes to us from God through the Church.

  3. This life of love and truth is formed and fostered through a balanced life of prayer and study, which overflows into apostolic service.

  4. The primary expression of this charism of love is integration. Guided by Old Catholic teachings on ecumenism and interfaith relations, we integrate all religions from a uniquely Christian base, and all Christian faiths from a uniquely Old Catholic base.

  5. We also integrate the charismatic and contemplative spirituality, a call to solitude with a call to monastic community, and a primary call to contemplative community with a mandate from the gospel to the spreading of the Good News of Christ.

  6. We also integrate our specific and unique call to live in the single, celibate, or married state and the clerical or lay state, with the monastic or domestic expression both locally and nationally.

  7. The community is composed of a monastic and domestic expression. Its base and center is monastic. The full monastic expression is integrated. The integrated monastic motherhouse of the entire community is the Companions of Christ Monastery, Memphis, Tennessee.

  8. The monastic expression consists of single, celibate, and family members, who live in a monastic setting similar to many first order religious communities.

  9. The domestic expression generally live in their own homes in less externally intense manifestations of intentional community. The domestic expression is similar to a third order of a religious community.

  10. While recognizing the goodness of all creation and humankind, the lifestyle of the community is intentionally counter-cultural. We are an alternative society living within and alongside of modern society. We are also an expression of renewal and reform within the Church Universal.

  11. This incarnational and counter-cultural life is realized by embracing the three evangelical counsels according to one's own state of life. We embrace the poverty of Jesus in the midst of modern materialism and consumerism. We embrace gospel chastity in the midst of modern sexual promiscuity. We embrace gospel obedience in the context of Church and community in the midst of modern individualism.

  12. We also embrace the ancient commitments of stability and conversion of manners from western monasticism. We seek to bring stability to the instability of our transient world, and true conversion of our whole life to a world that so desperately needs to turn to God.

  13. We do all of this by seeking to live the gospel life of Christ and His apostles, which integrates harmoniously those seeming opposites into a manifest and living whole.

  14. In light of the gospel admonitions to go and teach all the nations, the scope of the community is immediately international. By its nature the community is free to make foundations and to carry out ministries in any diocese where they are made welcome by local bishops or other competent Church authority.