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4. Study (C5, C10)

  1. Balance
    When engaged in studies, brothers and sisters carefully develop their minds and hearts so that in keeping with the attitude of the monastic founders they conform themselves to Christ in every way.

  2. We love the truth and are to pursue it ardently. At the same time we frankly acknowledge the limitations of human knowledge, which is far surpassed by the grace of faith and divine knowledge.

  3. To achieve a healthy human balance, the brothers and sisters seek to advance their vocations as well as in human and divine learning, also cultivating community life, contemplative prayer, and participation in Sacred Liturgy.

  4. Pastoral Ministry
    Because our community is both contemplative and apostolic, a balanced pastoral concern is part of the entire formation program, to prepare brothers and sisters adequately for service in the church as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is priest, prophet, and shepherd. The art of exercising the apostolate is taught through gradual practice as well as theory.

  5. The pastoral needs of the region, as well as missionary and ecumenical aspects, receive special attention.

  6. Personal Talents & Responsibilities
    The brothers and sisters engage in studies according to their God-given abilities and capacities by embracing a spirit of discipline and self-denial. They strive onward and upward in their own personal, spiritual, and intellectual development as mature and well-balanced human beings.

  7. The brothers and sisters realize that they bear the main responsibilities for study, and are themselves the principal agents for reaching their desired goal. This is only properly accomplished by an attitude of trust and wholehearted cooperation with teachers and Vicars and members of the whole community.

  8. In this way, a healthy balance between personal and communal development is achieved and maintained. In a spirit of gospel self-sacrifice, the individual studies are for the good of the community, the church, and the world.

  9. The Church and the World
    Our study is primarily undertaken in order to deepen, develop, and explain the teaching of the Old Catholic Church. As such, it is encouraged in light of, within, and subject to the teaching authority of the Old Catholic Church. In the study of secular or religious arts and sciences, the brothers and sisters are always faithful to the Christian worldview, which is incarnational, but can also be counter-cultural. Even when a predominant worldview is in conflict with the teaching of the gospel and the church, the brothers and sisters are called upon and are not ashamed to take a stand that is obedient to the church, becoming counter-cultural and nonconformists to the world.

  10. Ongoing Formation
    The formation of the brothers and sisters is not ended at the completion of formal formation, but is seen as continuing. Vicars take care that their brothers and sisters constantly perfect their spiritual, doctrinal, and even professional formation.