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9. Covenant Promises (C9, C10)

  1. The promises of the evangelical counsels within the Companions of Christ are a new, yet ancient expression of commitment to the essentials of religious life in the church. These promises have canonical force because of the canonical status of the community. They bind in conscience because of their moral character. These promises are directly active upon profession. Profession is preceded by an aspirancy, postulancy, and candidacy as outlined in our constitutions.

  2. Postulancy
    During the postulancy the individual should be visiting with the community and getting to know the brothers and sisters. The postulant should try to begin living according to the Rule, Constitutions and Directories, but is not considered a formal member of the community.

  3. Candidacy
    This is a period of time to get to know the life of the community in both ideals and practices. During this time the candidate lives with the community full time, becomes acquainted with the vision and spirit of the community, works in the community ministries, and is given an orientation to community life. The Habit of the Order is given when the individual enters Candidacy. There is no commitment on the part of the candidate to the community. The candidate may leave at any time.

  4. Novitiate
    Membership in the community begins with a one year novitiate. While this initiates membership into the community, by its nature it identifies an individual as a new member and is seen as a probationary period to train the individual through experience and teaching in our way of life.

    1. The novitiate is a time of more intense formation set up in order that the novice may come to know and live the life and values of the Companions of Christ.

    2. Assessment
      Twice a year the novice director renders a judgment on the fitness of each novice. A report of the novice is sent in writing to the Vicar.