7. Chastity (C8)

  1. In order to preserve chastity, let all the brothers and sisters, with the Vicar's encouragement, equally support one another through love, companionship, and service.

  2. The brothers and sisters love everyone in Christ. Through mature interdependence, familial and friendly relationships they lead others to share in the kingdom of God. Our attitude towards those of the opposite sex, especially those who are consecrated to God, is characterized by courtesy, respect, and appropriate caution. In our use of books, television, movies, the Internet etc., we use moderation and a mature standard of selection. We carefully avoid whatever would be harmful to faith, morals, or the consecrated life.

  3. Spiritual friendships between all the members of our community are encouraged; however, exclusive or codependent friendships are not, inasmuch as they lead to cliques and inappropriate romantic relationships. The Vicars reserve the right to use appropriate disciplinary measures to correct abuses in these areas.