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10. Charismatic Gifts and Leadership (C11)

  1. While recognizing that the spiritual or charismatic gifts operate freely in the whole community, we also recognize that these gifts are given to those who lead the community in an extraordinary way to help them in their ministry.

  2. When electing or appointing leadership, those who have the power to elect or appoint should look for the presence of these gifts already working in a person's life. At the conferral of office, special prayers should be prayed for the reception and strengthening of all the spiritual gifts necessary for the carrying out of each office.

  3. Though not exclusive or exhaustive, the scriptural list of these gifts is:

    1. 1 Corinthians 12:28

      1. Apostles

      2. Prophets

      3. Teachers

      4. Miracle workers

      5. Healers

      6. Assistants

      7. Administrators

      8. Tongues

    2. Romans 12:6-8

      1. Prophecy with faith

      2. Ministry for service

      3. Teacher

      4. Exhortation

      5. Alms with generosity

      6. Ruler with care

      7. Mercy with cheer

    3. Ephesians 4:11

      1. Apostles

      2. Prophets

      3. Evangelists

      4. Pastors

      5. Teachers

    4. 1 Timothy 3:1-13

      1. We also look for the personal qualities mentioned here.

  4. Election, Appointment, and Terms:
    As an Old Catholic community, we elect our leaders. Each Monastic tradition elects a Vicar and the General Council elects the Av. All leaders shall be Life Professed members. Terms shall be established with each office by the Executive Council.

  5. Favors and Dispensations:
    The Av has authority to grant favors, dispensations, or other concessions of any kind in writing, either to individual brothers or sisters, or to the particular expressions of the community. These do not terminate when the one who granted them no longer has the right to do so, unless added clauses specify otherwise. Even though mention is made of the previous refusal, a favor denied by the Av cannot be obtained validly from the Vicar without the consent of the Av.