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1. Basic Vision (C1)

  1. The Companions of Christ is a brotherhood and sisterhood in which one declares, before the whole community and the Church, one’s intention to live the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by one’s profession. A common Rule, Constitution, and General Directory unite us as brothers and sisters in the charity of Christ, the Church, and the community. Each expression of community enjoys a measure of autonomy as to the specifics which are unique to its own character. This is done according to the particular directory and leadership. For continual renewal of spirit, leaders take care that in an acceptable time and in appropriate gatherings the Rule, Constitution, and Directories are read and explained in dialogue.

  2. Monastic
    The base and center of the whole community is monastic. Its expression is integrated, reaching out to the monastic and domestic expressions.

  3. Socio-Eremetical
    The inspiration of the life of the community is socio-eremetical. Our way of life is structured to protect the need for socio-eremitical solitude and silence. Yet the authentic socio-hermetical way of life remains a life of family relationships. Our way of life leads us into solitude, but from solitude we flow back out into healthy human relationships in Christ.

  4. Clerics
    In keeping with the ancient monastic tradition, the brotherhood and sisterhood is neither clerical nor lay exclusively.

    1. Those who are clerics are considered brothers or sisters first and clerics second. The title “brother” or “sister” is the preferred title of all. While the clerics are honored in light of their ordination, they hold no right to special position.

  5. Contemplative Apostolic Mix
    The life of the brothers and sisters is an intentional combination of contemplation and apostolic action. Our apostolic work flows forth from prayer and leads both ourselves and others back to prayer, and it is through the idio-rhythmic life of prayer and action that we come into union with Jesus.

  6. Our response to the gospel call brings forth fruit in the apostolic life in the church and the world only to the degree that we combine contemplation and action as Jesus himself constantly joined prayer and activity for our salvation. In this way, our life of prayer is charged with an apostolic spirit and prayer inspires our apostolate.