2. Prayer

  1. Prayer is the root from which our lives and ministries grow and are nourished.

  2. We set aside a definite time for prayer each day to spend time with God, to pray for others, to meditate, and to express our thankfulness.

  3. The Eucharist is food for the soul given to us by Christ. Since we see the Eucharist as our spiritual nourishment and the heart of our prayer, our rule calls us to be present frequently at the Eucharist, regarding daily communion as the ideal.

  4. To be present at the Offices as they are said in each house and to pray Offices privately when unable to do so corporately. These shall normally be the Offices of Morning Prayer(Matins), Midday Prayer(Diurnal), Evening Prayer(Vespers), and Night Prayer(Compline).

  5. To spend at least one hour a day in private prayer and reflection in addition to the time spent at the Eucharist and the Offices.

  6. When away from a house, to observe Morning and Evening Prayer, secure at least half an hour daily for prayer and be present at the Eucharist as opportunity may offer.