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1. Introduction

In grateful response to the overwhelming love of God, we desire to give ourselves wholly, unreservedly, and continually to the One who gives Oneself to us. We seek to be conformed to God's will, to share in Christ's cross and resurrection, and to cooperate faithfully with the gifts of grace. Helpless as we are in ourselves, we pray and trust that God who has given us these desires will also bring them to fruition. By God’s own invitation, we set our hearts and wills on God, joyfully declaring that nothing else and nothing less will satisfy us. And trusting that nothing else will satisfy God either, we cast ourselves into God’s arms.

We intend full and unqualified consent to God's invitations, in general and in particular. Our longing is that our whole lives may pronounce a “yes” to God's purposes for us and the world. Our intention is to enflesh our response to the commandments to love God with our whole heart and mind and soul and strength, and our neighbors as ourselves, by adopting these means and goals in common.

This General Rule is intended to deepen community, provide a container for common life, and assist in mutual accountability. We understand it as a framework for freedom, the freedom to become increasingly who God calls us to be. Though we recognize that we will constantly fall short of these intentions, we commit ourselves to persevere in hope, trust, and dependence on God's grace.1

Within this document and our Community we utilize the following terms:

  • Av – Hebrew word for father. Our use is non-gender specific, meaning parent.

  • Co – Non-gender pronoun. Replaces he or she.

  • Cos – Non-gender pronoun. Replaces his or her.

  • Coself – Non-gender pronoun. Replaces himself or herself.

1. The Introduction was borrowed from The Rivendell Community's Companion Rule of The Episcopal Church.