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01 - The General Rule

The General Rule
Companions of Christ

The General Rule is a canonical, or legally binding, and inspirational document. The Constitution is the primary canonical document of the community, but only addresses major and general points of community life. It can only be amended by a General Council.

The General Directory gets more specific concerning points of the Constitution. The Monastic and Domestic Directories address the individual aspects of our respective expressions of community life.

The General Directory, and the Monastic and Domestic Directories contain references (for example, “C 1.13.b” would be “Constitution Chapter 1, Section 13, Subpoint b”), which refer back to the previous documents. C stands for Constitution, and GD stands for General Directory.

Frequently the specific document only makes full sense if read as a continuation of the more general reference using the included references.


The Companions of Christ would like to thank the Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Hermitage in Berryville, AR for sharing their Rule, Constitution, and Directory with us. We acknowledge that we borrowed much of our structure from them and are grateful that they were willing to share their knowledge with us.

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