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Sometimes life can be messy and just downright difficult. It is in those difficult times when we, as humans, most need community. Real community is made up of people who understand life's diffculties and are able and willing to stand beside you and journey with you through the difficulties. Real community doesn't abandon you when things get tough or ugly. Real community provides that safe place where you can scream, cry, or just be silent.

The Companions of Christ Monastery wants to be that Real Community. A place of peace and welcome to every single person who needs a safe harbor to weather the storms of life. We will have experienced spiritual and psychological counselors that live permanently at the Monastery willing to come alongside any person needing support. We will not turn anyone away who truly seeks help. We will provide a temporary place in which a person can heal, whether it be a day, a weekend, or a month, the Monastery will be that safe harbor for healing and peace.

In order to realize our vision we need your help. We've located property that we want to purchase which will give us space to be a place of healing. It's just outside Memphis and already has infrastructure that would support our goals with room to grow.

We need people willing to step out into faith and make a pledge to our success. Would you be willing to support us financially?

You can make your donation online right here at our secure website by clicking here or you can mail a check or money order made payble to St. Francis Old Catholic Church 531 S. McLean Blvd., Memphis, TN 38104. Make a note that it is for the Monastery so that it will be attributed to that purpose.