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Monastery Accepting Applications

The Companions of Christ Monastery is now beginning to accept applications. If you feel called to a monastic life of worship and service consider making your application to The Companions of Christ Monastery. We will initially accept no more than 10 individuals

The application can be found at

The Monastery is still in the formation stages and therefore needs specific applicants with specific skills. We are looking for people with the following skills:

  • Graphic Design/Website Building
  • Fundraising and Grant Writing
  • Social Work and Psychology professionals
  • Skilled Trades (Carpentry, Electrical-especially solar, Plumbing)
  • Farming skills (growing food to eat and also tending animals)
  • Culinary skills (cooking for large groups)

Minimum Requirements:

  • Christian - preference is given to Old Catholics initially
  • At least a high school diploma or equivalent
  • age 18-50
  • Be of sufficiently sound health - physically and psychologically
  • free of financial burdens/debt
  • a desire to learn, serve, sacrifice
  • a desire to share a common life
  • Sign the following statement: "If I am accepted as an aspirant or postulant and come to live with the Companions of Christ, and subsequently leave the community, I agree I cannot of right claim or reclaim anything from the Monastery for any reason."