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Seeing Each Other

I See You!A friend recently posted a Youtube video of one of her friends coming out. The video was entitled Being Seen. I have to admit that I started watching the video because I thought the guy was attractive. What I heard and saw spoke to my soul. Nathan Brasfield spoke about being seen in all of our humanity and imperfection. Nathan spoke a truth about his own life and how he felt he needed to be honest about who and how God had created him.

As a gay male, I felt his story deep down inside my soul — it resonated within me to a point that I felt a kinship with him. I traveled from his Youtube video to his Facebook page and from there to his blog. I thought to myself — I have to meet this man. Maybe one day I will.

Being Authentic are the words I have been using when referring to being ourself without a mask, without pretending that everything is perfect. Whatever the words we use — Being Seen, Being Authentic, Removing the Mask — it's all the same. It's about knowing that you, as a beloved child of God, can do nothing to separate yourself from God's love. It's being who you are, with your flaws and failures, and accepting that you are still loved and needed and necessary in this world. What one person may see as a flaw just might be the message another person needs to see in order to know that they are loved. That's the kind of faith community we are attempting to create with SFOCC. A community of Jesus followers who see each other in all our imperfections and still loves one another as Jesus loves us. Church should be the very last place on earth a person feels the need to hide. God already sees you from the inside out and still loves you. As Jesus followers we are called to love like Jesus and that means accepting people as they are when we encounter them, loving them even when they may seem unlovable. Judgement is not ours but God's. Jesus told us that we are to love others and in order to do that we have to open our eyes and see them — really see them. We don't want perfect people at SFOCC, because we know they don't exist. We want real people in all their brokenness joining with us as we journey through life together, holding each other up, celebrating and crying together as a faith community.