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Update #3 | Project Binghampton

Exciting things are happening at SFOCC!

We are a quarter of the way to our goal and we couldn't be more excited by the progress made. It is in thanks to your generous support that we have reached this point. We met with our builders and have gotten a preliminary design for the building. There were some minor changes that needed to be made and we are awaiting those changes. Once we get those back we will post some photos of the floorplan of the building.

We are also beginning to form the Project Committee that will work with our Parish Council and Pastor to oversee the project. Our consultant is assisting us in putting together a presentation for the project so that we can present it to the community and our financial consultant is working to prepare to begin writing some grants for us.

We still need your support in 2 big ways:

  1. Financially! We can't do this without your financial support. Would you consider helping us make a difference in Memphis by contributing to our Project? Click on the Donate button to the right and help us.
  2. Pray for our success. There are many different pieces that have to come together for this project to be successful and your prayer will help to bring those pieces together.