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Update #1 | Project Binghampton

We have developed a rough outline of what needs to happen to achieve this project:

  1. Raise $6,000 to acquire land and some initial fees
  2. Meet with building developer to plan building (end of July)
  3. Apply for grants and continue fundraising (several grants have already been identified)
  4. Complete Building
  5. Hire Staff and train them
  6. Make presentations to community about services and begin taking referrals

A little bit about our values on number 4 and 5. We have begun talks with a builder who only builds environmentally friendly buildings. Our building will be very eco-friendly and low cost to heat and cool.

We plan to hire several employees to staff the program and daycare facility. All positions will be paid a livable wage with health insurance. We are still in the planning stage but the intention is to provide healthcare to all employees at little to no cost as we believe healthcare is a right and not a privilege.

Your prayers and financial support are needed to make this dream a reality. Can you give $5 or $10 to help us achieve our goal?