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Pray for X

I recently read a blog article entitled, The Power of Twelve, where the author, Paul Nixon, reminds us of the power of prayer. As I sit pondering this article, I think to Jesus and his example of going off by himself (or with his friends) to pray. He did this before every major movement he made. Mr. Nixon suggests that church planters take Jesus' example by gathering 12 highly committed people together as prayer partners,

who will pray twelve minutes a day every day for twelve months for the new church and for Person X, each of them praying for one of the twelve core disciples that God will lead to the new church. As the team of disciples materializes, the prayer partners will receive real names, so that each of them can lift up one of the twelve who are on a journey with God and each other. For the twelve disciples, they will be asked to covenant together for one year - for some it will be a experiment in spiritual practice and intensity of life focus, that will last one year. For others, it will last a lifetime.

I like the idea and think it is solid practice. I believe in the power of prayer and how it can effect change especially when a large group are praying together for the same thing. So I would like to gather together 12 highly committed people who will agree to partner with St. Francis Old Catholic Church in prayer for 12 minutes each day for 12 months. If you are willing to do this would you please subscribe to our Power of 12 Prayer Team list so that we can send you updates on specific things to pray for?

Holy and Loving God, we pray for your holy Catholic Church and for our parish St. Francis Old Catholic Church. We ask, dear Lord, that you would send forth your Holy Spirit to lead those people in Memphis who are searching for a church home to our doors. Set fire to our hearts and their hearts so that together we would be ablaze with your light and life. Give us grace to welcome those you send to us so they encounter you within our community. Enliven us to be a light for the city of Memphis so that we might bring your Good News to the hurting, oppressed, outcast, and unloved of this city. All this we ask through your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. AMEN.

composed by Fr. Tommy


Power of 12 Prayer Team

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