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Collecting Teddy Bears

The Child Advocacy Center is running low on teddy bears. They give the teddy bears to children who come in for counseling and other services. The children have been traumatized and seeing a big wall of teddy bears and being able to pick one out to take with them is healing for them.

St. Francis Old Catholic church will be collecting new medium sized teddy bears to give to the CAC to help replenish their supplies. If you'd like to donate a teddy bear you can drop it off at the church located at 531 S. McLean, Memphis, TN 38104. If you'd rather donate money you can mail a check to the same address with "CAC-teddy bear" in the memo and the church will use that money to purchase teddy bears for the CAC.

We will be delivering the teddy bears to the CAC the first week of November. We are currently coordinating with the CAC to establish the best time to deliver the stuffed animals so as not to interfere with the services they offer the children.