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Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court recently ruled that corporations have religious rights and that the federal government can't force owners of closely held for-profit companies to provide birth control coverage to female employees if they object to the administration's requirement on religious grounds.

It seems to me this is one group (employers) pushing their religious beliefs on another group (employees). The mandate doesn't require that the owners partake of the service but that each person has the ability to choose for him/herself. I believe it is morally repugnant for any person or organization to force their religious beliefs on another person and that is exactly what this is. If an organization is hiring employees from the general public then it should not have the right to force it's owners religious beliefs on it's employees. I know I won't be shopping at Hobby Lobby for this reason.

Because of this ruling by the Supreme Court, a corporation owned by Jehovah's Witnesses could prevent blood transfusions, a Scientology owned corporation could prevent mental health treatment, a Muslim and Jewish corporation could prevent anti-biotics and vaccines which contain gelatin from pigs, and the list goes on and on.

I for one do not want my boss making decisions about my healthcare. I think the Supreme Court crossed a line big time with this decision.

Fr. Tommy