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Seeking Highly Motivated, Outgoing People

Are you a highly motivated, outgoing person who likes to engage other people?

Do you desire a community of faith that is traditional and progressive?

Have you thought about starting a faith group?

Here's your chance -- St. Francis OCC is seeking highly motivated, outgoing people to form a core group who will work together to plant a new faith community in the Memphis Midtown area. The core values of the church focus on building relationships with God and with each other. The church is a liturgical church with a progressive inclusive theology.

Positions available:
Gatherers -- Will focus on spreading the message of the church, inviting people, visiting and engaging people on a weekly basis. Skills: must enjoy talking to strangers, be comfortable sharing your faith with others, be highly motivated and organized.

Helpers -- Will work on things behind the scenes such as providing refreshments after worship, helping set up and clean up worship space, greet people as they arrive and direct them to the worship space, graphic design, putting up flyers, etc. Skills: must be dependable and reliable and willing to offer their skills for the community.

Musician -- Will provide music for worship service/events. Must be able to work independently under the direction of the pastor to select songs appropriate for the church service/event. Piano and/or guitar is preferred but open to other instruments.

Think you would be interested? Complete the registration HERE