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Being Old Catholic...?

I often get asked just what makes Old Catholics different from Roman Catholics or Episcopalians. That's a hard question to answer because we are 3 sister churches and find very much in common, however, we do have different approaches to liturgy and community. In this blog post I'll try to outline some of the things that make Old Catholics unique.

We are Eucharistic communities. This means that when we worship it is a Eucharistic service. We celebrate the Eucharist because as often as we do it we remember and honor Christ. All present participate fully in the worship.

We are Relational. This means that we take Jesus' instruction that we are to Love God and our neighbor as the supreme commandment (Matthew 22:36-40). We focus on building close bonds between each other as a community built on mutual respect and love.

Being an Old Catholic requires committment and dedication, it's not just something you do on Sunday morning. As Old Catholics we fully participate and committ ourselves to following Jesus and that requires a priority check within our lives. An Old Catholic doesn't just come to Mass on Sunday morning hear the sermon and take communion and leave as if we are merely consumers of church, instead we become hosts -- we take ownership and actively participate in church. We support the Church with our time, talents, and financially because church is the vehicle by which we as Old Catholics share the Good News that God is Love and desires a relationship with each and every person. We show that desire by how we interact with one another; our love for each other tells others that we are followers of Christ.

So that's a start to what being an Old Catholic is like. Living the faith can transform your life, come join us on the journey.