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We are...

St. Francis Old Catholic Church's specific niche is to create a safe environment (seeker sensitive) where people feel comfortable sharing their lives and asking questions about God; a place that takes God seriously and ourselves much less seriously (humor breaks down barriers); a place that uses creative communication and a dash of cynicism to break down barriers with a skeptical culture. Our corporate identity is shaped by the values we live out. These include:

  • Communicating the Truth in love: people hearing God's word in fresh and relevant ways.

  • Excellence: people honoring God by giving their very best.

  • Fun: people enjoying God and each other.

  • Servant Leadership: people leading and discipling other people.

  • Life change (spiritual growth): people understanding, pursuing and taking their next step toward maturity in Christ no matter where they are spiritually.

  • Prayer: people sharing every joy and need with God

  • Relationships: people connecting relationally and caring for one another through genuine Christian Community.

  • Seeker-sensitive culture: people building bridges to reach a lost and skeptical generation

  • Service: people using their gifts to honor God and build up the church.

  • Faith: people trusting that God as they step out on faith and seek to cooperate with what He is up to.

  • Reaching lost people: people sharing and modeling their faith with others.

  • Worship: people experiencing God through worship.