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Pastoral Care

Emergency Information Cards

The clergy of St. Francis Old Catholic Church are committed to ministering to parishioners, particularly at times of crisis. Yet the clergy might not learn that a parishioner has had an emergency, because medical personnel did not know to contact St. Francis Old Catholic Church or because new privacy laws forbid hospitals from giving out information.

To prevent this from happening, the clergy asks parishioners to fill out an emergency card. You may choose to fill in only the bare necessities, such as name, address and emergency contact. You may include more details concerning a Living Will, Power of Attorney, Organ Donation, or Funeral Arrangements to be available in case of emergency. This information is kept confidential, accessible only to clergy in case of emergency.

When to Call Your Clergy

Pastoral care is important to us, and we need your help to know when you need us. Here are some examples of when you might want to contact Fr. Tommy…

  • When someone in your family is near death, call immediately. We want to provide spiritual support as your loved one approaches death. We want to be with you and your family, day or night, in the midst of your grief.
  • When someone in your family is ill and has been hospitalized, call the parish office. We will visit you in the hospital as soon as possible. With the new privacy laws, the hospitals no longer contact churches.
  • When you or someone in your family is going to have surgery, call in advance. We'd like to visit you before, share in healing prayers, and bring communion if you wish.
  • When you are having a crisis of faith, call and make an appointment to come and sit down for a conversation with our clergy.
  • When you lose a job, or experience the death of a friend, or any significant loss… call.
  • When a child is born. We'd like the opportunity to make a visit to bless both parents and child.
  • When you would like to include your name on our prayer list.
  • When something wonderful is happening in your life. We know it is important to share your saddest times, but we want to be with you in the best of times, too.

Contact the clergy by calling 901.257.9042. Leave a message if no one answers and someone will return your call within 15 minutes if you indicate it is an emergency.